Income and Expenditure Form

You are receiving this form because you’ve indicated that you are currently unable to settle your debt in its entirety.

The Income and Expenditure Form serves as a tool for our client to evaluate the proposals you’ve submitted. It allows them to make a well-informed decision regarding whether to accept the repayment plan you’ve put forward.

Important Details:

  • Complete the form with as much detail as possible.
  • Fill out the form on a monthly basis, reflecting both your income and expenses.
  • If you prefer to include only your personal income in the financial statement rather than the entire household income, focus on the bills you cover individually or your specific contribution to jointly paid bills. (You can indicate whether it is a sole or joint breakdown in section 3).
  • Please be aware that we may request evidence of your income and expenditures.
  • To calculate the average per calendar month for a weekly income/spend, use this formula. (weekly payment amount X (times by) 52 / (divided by) 12).